Dainty Engagement Rings Are Having A Big Moment Right Now, These Are Our Favourite Designs

Small, but powerful.

By Lucy Cocoran
From Ariana Grande to Emma Stone, the dainty engagement ring trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Perfect for minimalist brides or those looking for something a little different, their teeny stones and delicate bands make quite an impact.
While they might not be as flashy as your traditional engagement rings, they're actually more versatile, allowing you to stack a few together or add in accent stones. Their intricate designs certainly make them an eye-catching choice, and are just another way to make your special day even more memorable.
Below, our favourite dainty engagement ring designs.

Tiny Pear Ring from Natalie Marie Jewellery, $480
Oval Cut Ring from MEJURI, starting at $1115
Luna Ring from Two Lovers, $833
Diamond Princess Wedder from ToniMay, $1,650.00
Gwen Ring from Sarah & Sebastian, $10,200
Side Pear Ring from Sarah & Sebastian, $2,100
14K Gold Tranquility Diamond Ring from By Charlotte, $469
Pear Trio Ring by Natalie Marie, $570
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