25 Celebrity Wedding Gowns That Are Everyone's Cup Of Tea

We're not sure if it's possible to hate these.

By ELLE Team
As much as they might feel pushed in a certain sartorial direction on their wedding day, a bride's wedding dress is usually an accurate representation of their mood at that given moment.
In terms of celebrity wedding dresses, some are designed with individuality or a bold statement in mind—Hailey Bieber's Off-White dress, embroidered with the words "TILL DEATH DO US PART", for example.
Others, however, are crowd-pleasers in every sense of the term.
Some would consider this kind of foresight 'too safe', but other brides would probably argue there's no worse feeling than regret, especially if you took a daring fashion risk on the biggest day of your life. (That's not to say the risk-taking can't be fun, too!)
If you loved Ellie Goulding's heavenly turn in Chloé at her 2019 wedding, or still fawn over Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy's disarmingly simple Narciso Rodriguez slip (the ELLE team do too, don't worry), scroll down for 25 celebrity wedding dresses you'll have a hard time not agreeing on.