37 Of Blair Waldorf's Most Iconic Fashion Moments On 'Gossip Girl'

All hail Queen B.

By Diandra Malivindi
For millennials, the rise of teen dramas was as a cultural movement separated into two camps: The O.C. obsessives and Gossip Girl fanatics.
Both of the Josh Schwartz-created masterpieces were known for producing some of the most iconic fashion of 2000s television, and there's no denying that their ensembles, particularly Gossip Girl, are still frothed over today.
Whether you were a Serena savant or a dedicated follower of Queen B—or perhaps an avid defender of Vanessa—there's no denying that Blair Waldorf's wardrobe is still just as memorable as it was nine years ago.
A mix of preppy-meets-glam, Blair's ode to jaw-dropping gowns, statement coats and perfectly primped Constance school uniforms are still being emulated to this day, just ask Emily In Paris.
Now, with the Gossip Girl reboot hot on our heels, it only makes sense that we sift through Blair's most memorable fashion moments and whet the appetite of fashion savants with couture treats from the decade past.


Below, we've rounded up 37 of Blair Waldorf's most memorable fashion moments we'd still wear today.
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