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What Are Sex Supplements And Do You Need Them?

Meet the new slew of supplements ready to rev up your sex drive.

By ELLE Team
Here's a fact: Millennials are having less sex than the generation before them.
If you're opting out by choice, great; but if it's because you can't seem to find the right mood, then there are new natural supplements eager to helm the search party.
Unsurprisingly, feeling stressed is a sure-fire way to put your sex drive in reverse.
"Stress is the archenemy of our natural sexual desire, wreaking havoc on our hormones, shocking the nervous system and depleting our energy," explains Kirsten Shanks,
naturopath and founder of Orchard Street.
"You're left feeling simply too exhausted at the end of the day."
Shanks has harnessed the libido boosting power of the cordyceps mushroom in her latest offering—and she recommends stirring the earthy powder into coffee.
"It turns your brew into a libido-lifting and adrenal supporting energising elixir," she says.
If you prefer a (ahem) fruitier vibe, Welleco's maca root and red raspberry blend promise to boost "heathy sexual function", plus support the body in handling stress. Mix with water and take as a shot, or pour into a smoothie.
Whichever you choose, expect to notice a change in less than two weeks. Plan accordingly.

The Best Sex Supplements to Shop

Cordyceps powder, $42 at Orchard Street
Libido+ Formula, $49.99 at JS Health
Sex dust by Moon Juice, $38 at Sephora
Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Maca, $44.95, now $22.48 at Swisse
This article originally appeared in the 2019 January/February edition of ELLE Australia.