The Exercise Equipment You Need To Take Your At-Home Workouts To The Next Level

Quarantine sweat sessions just got a whole lot better.

By Sukriti Wahi
While the coronavirus pandemic means that we're largely confined to our homes until recommended otherwise, that doesn't mean our workouts have to suffer.
After all, there's an abundance of great at-home workout programs and apps available to us, none of which require gyms or personal trainers to get us moving.
And although many of them can be done sans equipment (and are still highly effective), for those looking to take their home workouts to the next level, there are some essential pieces of home gym equipment that take up very little space and suit a number of different exercise styles, from Keep It Cleaner-style HIIT, to strength training and beyond.

7 Pieces Of Home Gym Equipment You Need While In Quarantine

Looking to give your quarantine sweat sessions a boost? Keep scrolling for the only pieces of home gym equipment you need to have a killer at-home workout.
Main image credit: @fluidformpilates/Instagram