Yes, The Cartier Toussaint Necklace From 'Ocean’s 8' Is Actually Real

Though the original contained a few small differences.

By Zoe Anastasiou
If you've seen the new female-led box office hit, Ocean's 8—or even watched the trailer—then you've probably wondered a few things: 1.) How easy is it to actually pull of a jewellery heist of that magnitude? And 2.) Is the Cartier Toussaint necklace at the centre of the heist actually real?
As far as we know, the answer to the first question is, definitely not as easy as it looks. And answer to the second questions is, yes, or at least, it was.
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The Cartier Toussaint necklace (worn by Anne Hathaway's character in the film) did actually exist. In 1931, Jacques Cartier—the son of Cartier founder, Louis-François Cartier—designed the necklace specifically for the Maharaja of Nawanagar.
Unlike the in the movie, the original necklace was actually comprised of blue and white coloured diamonds and happened to be slightly bigger than the replica shown on film. According to Harper's BAZAAR Arabia, the necklace was actually reduced in size by about 15-20% for the Ocean's 8 film so that it did not appear oversized on Anne Hathaway's neck.
Unfortunately, the piece no longer exists, as reports have stated that it was disassembled and its diamonds were turned into other forms of jewellery.
Although it's not around today, given the number of diamonds in the piece, some have predicted that if it did exist now, it would be valued at around $150 million.
Cartier was enlisted to create a replica of the original piece for the movie, which they did in approximately eight weeks before flying the necklace from Paris to New York for filming.
Don't get too excited though, as the replica piece used in the film was created using zirconium oxides and not real diamonds.
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