Say What You Want About Olivia Wilde, But Her Press Tour Fashion Looks Are Everything

She's been serving.

By Lucy Cocoran
Olivia Wilde is the name on everyone's lips right now, as the global premiere date for Don't Worry Darling draws ever nearer. Of course, it feels like we've been hearing about this movie for a lifetime, not only because of the amount of drama surrounding it, but from the seemingly endless press events that have only contributed to said drama.
Amid the chaos, the usual noise surrounding the press tour fashion has been borderline silenced, which is a shame, because Wilde has been out here doing the most. Opting for big design houses like Valentino and Chanel, offsetting these with unique looks from smaller brands like Kwaidan Editions, she's given us old-school glamour, '70s boho, elevated edginess and business casual.
It's not surprising given the sheer amount of events Wilde has attended for the film, but regardless, she appears to be in some kind of style renaissance (courtesy of her stylist Karla Welch) and it's time we talked about it.
Below, our favourite Don't Worry Darling press tour looks from Miss Olivia Wilde.
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