Margot Robbie Is Serving Piping Hot Glamour During Her 'Amsterdam' Press Tour

Let's unpack shall we?

By Jess Pullar
Margot Robbie is no stranger to a best dressed list, so it's unsurprising that she's currently in the midst of delivering us a masterclass in fashion during the press tour for her upcoming film, Amsterdam.
But this time, the looks have come with a twist—while Robbie's partnership with Chanel saw her wear designs exclusively selected from the French fashion houses for years, it seems her contract is now either complete or phasing out, because the Australian actor has extended her palette to a variety of other just-as-heavenly designers.
Robbie also appears to have dyed her hair a shade or two darker, with her signature blonde locks now sprinkled with brunette. It would be redundant to say it's a glow up given the 32-year-old has glowed from the get go, but there's no denying her fresh new look is serving.
Amsterdam, an upcoming mystery drama film set in the 1930s, will see Robbie play a nurse named Valerie who witnesses a murder and becomes a suspect in the unprecedented case. She joins Christian Bale and John David Washington who play Valerie's two friends, while Taylor Swift is also set to make a cameo as a grieving daughter named Liz Meekins.
With a cast like this, suffice to say the film is a must-watch. It drops in theatres on October 6, so while we patiently await its release we thought it appropriate to unpack each of Robbie's flawless press tour looks. Keep scrolling for the visual feast.
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