From Street Style Chic To Red Carpet Ready — Lily Rose Depp's Most Noteworthy Fashion Moments To Date

The French beauty with the LA cool.

It's not at all unusual for a young star with a famous parent (or, in Lily-Rose's case, two) to carve out a space of their own in the public eye. It is rare however, to do it with as much poise and style as Lily-Rose Depp has.
Known for her seemingly effortless cool-girl status and ability to fuse Parisian chic with American street style, it wasn't long before the fashion world cottoned on to the fact that she's one to watch in this space.
When snapped on the streets, she can usually be seen with wired headphones in her ears, some kind of miscellaneous object in her hand (a morning iced coffee, perhaps) and of course, an enviable outfit. Having championed the low-rise jean and ballet flat years ago before they made their infamous return, she's one of those people that can quietly endorse a trend before it becomes the next big thing.

When night-time falls and she's called to the red carpet, you can be sure of two things.
  1. She'll look divine
  2. She'll be wearing Chanel.
Depp has been a favoured muse of the Maison for several years now, having caught the eye of Karl Lagerfeld and subsequently starring in multiple runway shows and campaigns during his tenure. Following his passing in 2019, Chanel's creative director Virginie Viard has continued to work with Depp, with the 23-year old now a permanent fixture on the label's front row, often sporting a design plucked straight from the runway.
Below, we track Depp's most memorable fashion moments from 2016 to now, proving that she really is one to watch.