Every Iconic, Yet Controversial, Fashion Moment From Kim Kardashian West

The reality star celebrates her 41st birthday today.

By Ava Gilchrist
Love her or hate her, there is no question that reality royalty Kim Kardashian West changed the fashion landscape as we know it.
With many successful businesses under her belt, a television empire that spans decades and even a book of selfies, the highly publicised rise of this SoCal socialite is one marked by many an iconic fashion moment.
From her humble Beverly Hills beginnings as best friend and stylist to heiress Paris Hilton, the pair single handedly put Velour tracksuits, Von Dutch trucker hats and Louis Vuitton monogram mirror bags on the map, to the Yeezy muse and bike short connoisseur we've all come to know her as, there is no doubt her countless, albeit often questionable, outfit choices keep us entertained.
While her marriage to rapper Ye, formally known as Kanye, irrefutably changed her style forever, her makeover was documented on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, their relationship propelled her to become a high-fashion fixture and a regular on the red carpet.
It's even been allegedly recorded that Kardashian West was once banned from the Met Gala due to her ​​salacious past, quite ironic given her presence at this exclusive event is one of the most highly anticipated appearances.
In honour of the internet breaking, conversation starting Hollywood starlet, we round up all of Kardashian West's iconic fashion moments below.
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