Hailey Bieber Used To Steal This One Item From Her Dad's Wardrobe — And It's Still In Style

Dad energy is in.

By Lucy Cocoran
Hailey Bieber is one of those celebrities with a reputation for being effortlessly stylish. While she's graced the cover of multiple international magazines, founded her own skincare brand and is married to one of the biggest musicians of our generation, she's carved out a special place for herself in the fashion space.
Bieber has debuted countless red carpet moments that have taken the internet by storm, but she's also become an expert in nailing the day-to-day, off-duty model look. In the chaos of life, we often throw on clothes in a flash without giving it much thought, but Bieber understands that there's a fine art to getting dressed, even if only to run an errand.
The 25-year-old has managed to build a cult following around a single pair of jeans, proving that, despite what many will try and tell you, fashion doesn't have to be over complicated. Her penchant for jeans have become a global talking point, with several of her most iconic looks revolving around a pair of light or dark wash denim, but her love of the fabric, while well documented, extends far further than a pair of pants. In fact, according to Bieber, it's something she's been obsessed with almost her entire life.
"Growing up I remember wearing my Dad's old trucker jackets around the house," she told ELLE Australia. "Thinking of that always brings back good memories."
It makes sense then, given her long standing love of things denim, that she'd go on to partner with Levi's in 2021, working with the likes of YouTuber Emma Chamberlain, whom she describes as "super chill and down to earth". The brand, which is synonymous with denim, has leaned into Bieber's natural affiliation with the versatile fabric, most recently celebrating its annual '501 Day' with the model.
The Levi's 501s, for anyone not familiar, are a classic cut that date back to 1873, making them a wearable piece of history. High-waisted, straight-legged and medium wash, these can stay on rotation throughout each season and multiple calendar years. For Bieber, the classic 501s will always carry a special place in her heart thanks to their universally flattering silhouette.
"The classic straight leg is flattering on anyone, and you can pair them with so many different things," she said.
For a casual look, Bieber revealed that her ideal outfit revolves around 501s, sneakers and a tank top or tee.
"That's my ideal go-to outfit. It's super easy to style and you will always look effortlessly put together," she said.
"If I want to elevate a look, I like to pair my 501s with a strappy pair of heels, a sleek blouse and some jewellery."
It seems simple enough, right? That a good pair of jeans can make or break a look. After all, If The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants taught us anything, it's that there's power in a really good pair of jeans. Maybe it's the way it hugs your hips just right, or its ability to magically match with almost anything in your wardrobe. Either way, denim is the one fashion staple that we can safely assume will never go out of style, especially not when celebrities like Bieber are constantly finding new ways to reinvent the wheel.
And, while we're living in a time where the fashion world is changing every day, oftentimes we find ourselves looking back in order to look forward — Bieber is someone who does this a lot. As a self-confessed 90s baby, she's always finding little ways to pay homage to her favourite decade, whether it be through baggy jeans and a cropped tee or braided pigtails and shimmer eyeliner.
Similar to 90s heyday models like Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford, Bieber's style exudes a familiar sense of effortless chic, which comes down to knowing the power of a well-fitting pair of jeans, a white crop and an oversized blazer.
Unlike that decade, though, which was marked by unattainably thin models and unrealistic beauty standards, Bieber is all about dressing for comfort, often opting for a baggy look over a fitted one. She's a firm believer in dressing for comfortability, not to appeal to the gaze of anyone else (ironic, when she's developed a solid fanbase of 45.6 million).
"I love oversized fits and styles," Bieber said. "The 90s oversized fit is something I have always gravitated towards and try to incorporate into my closet. I also like to hunt for good vintage pieces from collections I loved in the 90s."
Yes, you heard correctly, Bieber is a thrifter. Though you might not see her thumbing through racks at the local store or scouring for deals on Depop, she's still got a keen eye when it comes to vintage pieces that have a timeless aesthetic.
Given her busy schedule, the model-turned-skincare founder has been known to split her time between major cities. It-girls reign supreme in both New York and LA, and while Hailey currently resides in LA (Beverly Hills to be exact), she grew up in the Big Apple. It comes as no surprise, then, that she spends a fair chunk of time in both, and along with differing cultures and coffee, the fashion is also very different. While California is known for casual chic, NYC is more high-end, so we couldn't help but ask if she switches up her style between the two.
"I think my style depends on what I'm in the mood for, more than anything," she explained. "That's why the 501s are so great, because you can dress them up or down. So versatile."
So, while her name is synonymous with a lot of different things, it's clear that her keen sense of style should be up there. She knows when to lean into a trend and when to go her own way, she knows the impact one statement item can have on an entire outfit, and, if it's not already obvious by now, she knows how to style a good pair of jeans. While most people overcomplicate their fashion formula, Hailey has stripped it right back to basics. She's found a style that works for her, and now, millions of people want to make it work for them, too.
While finding a sense of relatability in celebrities is usually a challenge, the model possesses a quality of relatability that allows people to immerse themselves in her world, if only through one item of clothing. Her exact lifestyle might be unattainable, but her sense of style and love of the basics is what separates her from the pack. When emanating the Hailey Bieber is as easy as adding one pair of jeans to your rotation, the world of the fashion it-girls suddenly feels a lot more accessible.
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