The Prettiest Instagram Accounts To Follow For Ear Piercing Inspiration

It's worth the pain.

By Jessica Chandra
When you're contemplating something kind of radical—a haircut, a piercing, a tattoo—it's common practice to spend time doing research. And by research we mean scouring Instagram.
Thanks to the rise of high-profile piercers like J. Colby Smith and Maria Tash from New York, and Brian Keith Thompson from L.A., as well as the availability of dainty, fine jewellery for freshly-pierced ears, piercings have had a stylish makeover that mean there are endless ways to adorn our ears, and Instagram is the perfect source of Instagram.
So whether you have the standard two holes in your lobes that you probably got as a child, or a "rebellious" helix piercing, we've rounded up the best Instagram accounts with the prettiest arrangement of earrings to inspire you. Oh, and if you've never been pierced before, these images might just be enough to make you take the leap.
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