ELLE's Edit Of The 14 Best Christmas Day Outfits

Make it chic, with extra room for pudding.

By Maddison Hockey
Whether you dream of a White Christmas or not, you can't deny that Christmas in Australia is pretty great.
We don't have snow, but we've got sand and stunning beaches! We can't make snowmen or snow angels, but we can drink frosé and stuff ourselves with a seafood feast!
For many of us, the day is spent with friends and/or family, eating ourselves silly and making the most of the (typically, fingrecrossed) warm weather.
Whether you celebrate with a big breakfast while unwrapping presents or you spend a long afternoon around the dining table, Christmas calls for a very specific outfit.
The perfect festive ensemble balances style for the sake of our family photos and comfort for the big day ahead and even bigger feast of food we plan on eating.
If you're still stuck on what to wear to your Christmas shindigs, scroll on for all the inspiration you'll need.

ELLE's Favourite Christmas Day Outfits For 2022

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