The 14 Best Beach Bags To Shop For An Australian Summer

For all the essentials.

By Susannah Guthrie
While in the Northern Hemisphere, the arrival of the festive season means a return to cosy knits and nights by the fire, in Australia, Christmas and New Year mark the beginning of what feels like an endless summer.
And with some of the world's best beaches at our disposal, Aussies like to spend their precious time off on the coast, soaking in the summer rays (with adequate protection, of course) and splashing through the salt water.
A day at the beach might be the ultimate form of relaxation, but in today's age it certainly comes with plenty of baggage. From sunscreen and hats to cover-ups, towels to beach umbrellas, and the all-important post-swim snacks, you'll need to stock up if you want to make the most of the summer weather.


To do so, it's best to have a carry-all beach bag on hand to ferry all your belongings to and from the shore in style. And to help you find said bag (it's not easy), we've rounded up the tried-and-true beach bag designers who always deliver the goods.
Behold, the 14 best beach bags to shop in Australia.
Lead image via @folkemuse
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