Bella Hadid Gives Our Chaotic 2005 ‘Coming Home From A Sleepover’ Looks Her Tick Of Approval

Hottie behaviour.

By Ava Gilchrist
Picture this. It's 2005. You and your mates have rented Mean Girls on DVD from the local blockbuster. You've set up all your spare mattresses in your living room for a sleepover and are probably sneaking sips of Guava Cruisers as you text boys from your local brother school to see what their plans are for this Friday.
This type of sleepover is right of passage for any Australian high schooler in the early noughties.
When Saturday comes around, and your parents inevitably come to pick you up, you pile all your clothes into your highly-coveted Country Road bag (you know the one) and throw a jacket over whatever pyjamas you chose—which were probably low rise shorts from Peter Alexander, a spaghetti strap tank top and some sort of ugg boots.
Never did our teenage selves think this look was fashionable, nor be worn unironically by one of the world's most famous supermodels in the world several decades later.
Yet, thanks to the eclectic 'weird girl' style of Bella Hadid, here we are.
Earlier this week, Bella Hadid was papped slinking around Tribeca with her boyfriend Marc Kalman in an leisurely ensemble that is making our adolescent selves kick themselves for not wearing those aforementioned boy-crazed sleepovers.
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After New York Fashion Week, we should've known the rules of off-duty supermodel street style dressing is "anything goes", but with this look, Bella is proving to be the reigning queen of "wearing what you want".
In what could've been a guerrilla campaign for cult-favourite footwear brand UGGS, Bella took the latest supermodel approved style, the ultra mini platform, and showcased this season's hottest accessory: a slice of New York pizza.
Of course, to make the outfit sleepover approved, Bella opted for the most sought after ready-to-wear style: a pair of granny panties.
The white boyshort boxers are clearly the style to invest in this season, with the briefs cropping up on It girls from Bella Hadid in New York to Camille Charrière in London.
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We blame Miu Miu, of course.
When they sent the pastel, satin panties down the runway at their Fall/Winter 22 show in Paris, we should've known the chokehold this style would have on the fashion set.
Proving her prowess for staying ahead of the curve, Bella's choice of outwear is the must-have style of the season, the moto jacket. Of course, the biker approved style is plucked straight off the runway, but Bella's blue striped accent is making us want to live our Audrina Partridge fantasies and ride off into the sunset on the back of our very own Justin Bobby-esque motorbike.
Thankfully for us, this It girl tick of approval means that our "walk of shames" and Saturday morning Maccas run won't be calling for a change of clothes.
This weekend, we're skipping out on changing in our activewear and just rocking up in our pyjamas à la Bella Hadid.
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