Who Is Major Johnny Thompson? King Charles' Hot Equerry Takes TikTok By Storm

A hot new bombshell has entered the palace.

By Ava Gilchrist
Trust TikTok to watch the endless royal content following Queen Elizabeth II's death and find the hot guy: Major Johnny Thompson. The man is King Charles's new equerry, and the new source of internet thirst.
Footage from the mammoth 12-hour queues to see Queen Elizabeth's coffin before it's laid to rest may be flooding our for you pages, but it seems that there is a crowd of mourners who are lining up out front of Buckingham Palace for an different reason entirely.
As it turns out, there's another Royal attraction drawing the interest of crowds, and is proving to be a major drawing card for grieving members of the public flocking to Central London to pay their respects for the late monarch.
The distraction in question Major Johnny Thompson, King Charles III's new equerry and what is being described by thirsty TikTok users as 'major eye candy'.
"Ladies, I just saw him…", reads the caption of a TikTok video from user @uktravel, before the very dashing Major Thompson in question appears out the front of Buckingham Palace.
It's easy to see Major Thompson's appeal, and why TikTokers are lining up to get a glimpse of the royal servant.
We're imagining that this is what Taron Egerton's secret service agent character Eggsy from The Kingsman will look like in 20 years time and honestly we're not mad about it.
While little is known about the equerry, the Major actually has a long and intimate history with the Royal family, including holding highly-regarded posts for both the late Queen Elizabeth and newly-appointed King Charles III.
From the role he will be playing in Queen Elizabeth II's funeral to whether the Major is actually eligible, behold everything to know about Major Johnny Thompson below.

Who Is Major Johnny Thompson?

Major Johnny Thompson is currently an active member of the 5th battalion in the Royal Regiment of Scotland who is presently serving as King Charles III's equerry.
Prior to this role, Major Thompson served as one of Queen Elizabeth II's most senior bodyguards.
The Major has been spotted at many public events with the Royal family, including accompanying the late Queen during a visit to Balmoral Castle in 2018 where she was taking up residence for the summer.
More recently, Major Thompson was spotted in the Royal procession which saw the Queen's coffin transferred from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall for the four-day lying in state proceeding ahead of the Queen's funeral.
He was also present when the now King Charles met Britain's new prime minister, Liz Truss.

What Does An Equerry Do?

As an equerry, Major Thompson is officially a Royal servant and officer of the British Royal household, who assists King Charles III with his official duties.
Major Thompson had commenced his role as equerry when King Charles still held the Prince Of Wales title, and as per official reports, he is responsible for the "planning and execution of the King's daily programmes".
Reports also claim that his role entails him joining King Charles III at his public events, meaning that fans of the Major will be able to see, if not attend, his upcoming appearances.

Is Major Johnny Thompson Single?

The major question on everyone's lips is if Major Johnny Thompson is eligible. For thirsty TikTokers, they'll be saddened to hear that the Major is happily taken and has been married for 13 years. His wife is not a royal servant, but rather a marketing executive.
However, for those curious to know which members of the royal family may be on the market, check out our guide of single princes here.
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