Here's What We Know About The Second Season Of 'Heartbreak High'

Hartley High students, assemble.

By Jess Pullar
Warning: The following story contains major spoilers about Heartbreak High. Continue at your own risk...
Hands up if you reached the end of Netflix's Heartbreak High reboot and couldn't quite decide if you would ever recover. That's what we (and many others going by what we've heard) came to discover after binge watching the new series.
Somewhat of a cross between Never Have I Ever and Sex Education (also shows that changed us forever), the eight episode season was an all-too familiar depiction of the high school experience—in Australia, that is.
The show was quickly lauded for its impeccable cast, which features a diverse (finally, an accurate representation of the real Australia) lineup of budding actors who stole our hearts. That wasn't the only thing they stole, of course. There was love, there was heartbreak and there were many questionable decisions made—they're only human, after all.
But as the season finale came to a close, we simply wanted more. More Amerie, more Harper and please, for the love of god give us more Quinni and Darren. It's for our own good.
On that front, we might be in luck. Below, everything we know about Heartbreak High season two.

Will there be a season 2 of 'Heartbreak High'?

At the moment, Netflix has yet to reveal the fate of Heartbreak High, though if it stays in that number one most-watched slot on Netflix, we might be in luck.
As has happened in the past, season renewals usually depend on the ratings of its predecessor, so it's likely Netflix is sitting pretty and examining Heartbreak High's popularity before committing to a second season.

What will happen in season 2?

The season one finale saw Harper and Amerie finally make up after Harper revealed the background to her trauma with Chook, who instigated her abduction which could have ended with unthinkable consequences.
In season two, we'll likely see the BFFs take more revenge on Chook, who clearly needs to be put in his place.
Meanwhile in the romance realm, Amerie's relationship with Malakai appeared to fizzle out, but something tells us they're not quite over each other (those lingering looks, anyone?).
Meanwhile Darren and Ca$h's potential romance well and truly thrilled us... until it was doused in an ice bucket when Ca$H was arrested. That said, season two will undoubtedly unpack their story further.
Given that the OG Heartbreak High of the 90s went on for seven seasons, we can only hope the reboot will receive the same treatment.

Who will be in the cast?

As mentioned, the stories of Amerie, Harper, Darren, Quinni, Malakai, Ca$h and many, many more are far from finished. With that in mind, expect Ayesha Madon and Asher Yasbincek to grace the screen with their presence as the leading females.
Meanwhile James Majoos will return as Darren alongside Chloe Hayden as Quinni, Thomas Weatherall as Malakai, Will McDonald as Ca$h, Josh Heuston as Dusty and Gemma Chua-tran as Sahsa.
See a full list of the season one cast here.

When will it be released?

If a second season gets the green light within the next few months, it's likely that it would drop in 2024.
Taking into account the fact that season one took about a year and a half for casting, production and post production to complete, we can expect a similar (albeit slightly condensed) timeline for the second instalment. Fingers crossed—we'll update this article as more information arises.
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