A Sailboat Bathroom And Custom Coffee Corner—Emma Chamberlain’s L.A Abode Is What Dreams Are Made Of

When can we move in?

By Ava Gilchrist
Since the dawn of MTV Cribs, being invited inside a celebrity's home is no longer a far flung dream, but a (virtual) reality.
Now, YouTuber turned coffee entrepreneur and bona fide fashionista, Emma Chamberlain, is the latest member of the celebrity style set to welcome us with welcome arms into her dreamy California bungalow.
Joining the likes of Kendall Jenner and Troye Sivan, who have made us green with envy thanks to their immaculately curated and incredibly aesthetic interiors, Emma has given us a tour of her sprawling mid-century abode perched atop the Santa Monica Mountains in Beverly Hills.
Boasting five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a tranquil pool and basketball court, Emma plucked this half-acreage off the market all the back in May of 2021 before undertaking renovations with Los Angeles based design studio Proem.
If you've seen Emma's tour of her house, you'll know of the cosmetic changes for the house. But if you haven't, allow us to indulge you in this architectural masterpiece that will live on the moodboards of design savants for years to come.

Much like her enviable wardrobe, Emma's home features an eclectic mix of aesthetics and it's clear that's she's referenced multiple different decades to resurrect this 1950's estate to it's former glory.
"I feel like my style, with clothing and home is very much taking a mixture of everything that I love from any era and making it all make sense together", the social media sensation told Architectural Digest.
"This kind of had a woodsy, cabin in Lake Tahoe feel, but we're in LA," she adds.
The result is a warm, nostalgic and inviting mid-century modern that pays homage to the chic Scandi-core style of Gustaf Westman with elements of the 'craft core' aesthetic.
Emma commences her tour by showing us around her hallway and formal living room.
Yep, she's one of those celebrities who have a big enough house to warrant both a 'formal' and 'informal' living room.
Meanwhile, we're out here justifying spending millions of dollars on a 1.4 meter wide dilapidated domicile, but that's another story.
Her entryway is marked by what she fondly refers to as her "wall of inspiration", featuring a glass brick table that her "cats are going to love", a selection of coffee table books and artworks painted by her "rockstar dad".
Almost like an hill-side artist retreat, Emma mixes elements of the 1970s (seen in the reclining green boucle lounge and floral wallpaper) with a hint of maximalism, (the clashing marble and tiles in the kitchen and bathroom is a perfect example of this) and vintage style furnishings.
Of course, the real highlights come from taking a peek inside Emma's walk-in closet, which she converted from one of her spare bedrooms.

There's an entire rack dedicated to her collection of sweater vests, a wall lined with loafers, Doc Martens and boots (which requires a step ladder to reach, naturally) and a Ultrafragola mirror. To. Die. For.
That's not to mention her corn cob side tables or her sail boat inspired bathroom. Or her dedicated coffee corner in her sage green kitchen. Seriously, the day Emma decides to list this on a home rental site à la The Holiday is the day we die happy.
Anyway, we digress. Below, take a look at Emma Chamberlain's incredible Beverly Hills estate.
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