The Lazy Girl's Guide To Hosting The Perfect Summer Dinner Party

Because life’s too short for all that hassle.

By ELLE + Jose Cuervo Tequila
Goodbye jumpers, boots and watching the sun disappear at 5pm. Hello floaty dresses, sandals and balmy summer nights!
With winter officially done and dusted for another year, it's time to celebrate and what better way than with a Sunday social dinner party?
But if your hosting skills and cooking cred' is renowned for all the wrong reasons, relax. Throwing a summer soiree doesn't have to be a complicated affair.
Dinner parties may sound simple in theory but there are some ways it can be a little more special without creating a seven-course meal with matching wines.
We've rounded up some top tips for making it a night to remember with minimal food prep effort, and uninterrupted play list, and the perfect ready-to-serve drink range—Jose Cuervo's original and new Watermelon Sparkling Margarita range.

1. Mix and match your cutlery and crockery

Identical plates, forks and knives are a classic but if you really want to make a statement with your tablescape, play around with what you already have at home.If you have any vintage, eclectic pieces you've been wanting to share for ages then bring them out so you can mix and match with colours, shapes or patterns. Just try and stick to a theme that draws them all together like these blue and white dishes below.
Who said everything has to match? (Image: Pinterest)

2. Organise a dedicated Instagram spot

Let's face it, when there's an opportunity to get a cute photo, we must take it. So why not set up a space for your guests to pose away to their heart's content?Whether it's a simple banner or garland or setting up a station lit by all the candles you can find, that way everyone is busy snapping away while you plate up the food.

3. Get your guests to man the drinks station

Whilst we love a cocktail or two, being the bartender all night isn't exactly stress-free so let your guests take control.
Jose Cuervo's new Watermelon Sparkling Margarita is not only delicious and refreshing but it's pre-mixed and ready for your guests when they are. With flavours of fresh watermelon, zesty lime, and triple sec, grab a couple of ice buckets and everyone can help themselves minus the hassle!
The Jose Cuervo range is perfect for brunch with pals, picnics or Sunday socials. Enjoy responsibly, 18+.

4. Meal prep to the max

Speaking of food, get as much done ahead of time so you can maximise the amount of time you spend with your guests.Even if that means making/buying something like pastizz (easy ready-made finger foods oven baked in 10 minutes flat), a ready-made salad or soup for your starter, a tart or pavlova for dessert that you can whip out of the fridge in seconds, you'll be thanking yourself later.
Sort your menu out ahead of time a la Florence Pugh and her tzatziki. (Video: Instagram @florencepugh)

5. Match your playlist to the food

We know there are literally thousands of playlists on every streaming service but sometimes finding the perfect one is an effort in itself.Say you've meal-prepped a lasagne and salads with a tiramisu for later, whack on an Italian playlist so your guests feel like they're wining and dining on the Amalfi Coast. Or if you're hosting an early Christmas shindig, there are plenty of festive tunes to start blasting. Just remember to charge your speakers in advance!

6. Be your own guest

Remember to enjoy yourself, too. It's no fun for guests if the host is stressed out trying to organise a million details and waiting on people all night. Tell people to help themselves and leave any mess and dishes for tomorrow. Sunday socials are about fun, friendship, good vibes and lots of laughter. Enjoy yourself, and your guests will too.
Brought to you by Jose Cuervo Tequila.
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