We Finally Have An Explanation For Those Chaotic AF Images Taking Over Your Social Media Feed

Turns out, a robot is to blame.

By Ava Gilchrist
Just when we thought that the internet could not get more bizarre (need us remind you of the Wordle chokehold?) an absurdist artificial intelligence art generator has entered the chat.
Emerging from obscurity, our timelines have been sent into disarray by the appearance of the DALL-E, an AI technology that has the ability to create art based on the text inputted into the service.
The result is some of the most confounding images to ever exist.
Ever wondered what the cast of The Muppets modelling at London Fashion Week would look like?
Or Star Wars' R2D2 getting baptised? Perhaps seeing a bottle of ranch testifying in court piques your interest?
Well, thanks to the sophisticated DALL-E tech, the world is your oyster.
But what does this new frontier of art actually mean? Andy Warhol once said "anything is art if you can get away with it", but with the results of the programme creating nightmare fuel images, is the program cause for concern?
Below, we've rounded up everything to know about the DALL-E AI image generator.

What Is The Dall-E Image Generator?

Dall-E is an artificial intelligence technology that generates images based on text input.
As per the Dall-E creator, Open AI, the service can "create original, realistic images and art from a text description". While we're not too sure about the realistic part, the results are certainly original. We have no doubts these pieces of "art" will be sold as NFT's in no time.
The name Dall-E is a riff on words inspired by the loveable Disney Pixar robot Wall-E and surrealist Spanish artist Salvador Dali.

How Do You Use The Dall-E Image Generator?

The Dall-e service is especially user friendly, meaning that it's not difficult to create your very own "masterpiece" in a matter of minutes. Right now, the most sophisticated Dall-E technology is available at Open AI (with a hefty waitlist), however there is another version, the Dalle-E mini, is available for use at Hugging Face.
Simply input your own creative combination of words, we tried "Kate Moss at Tottis Bondi", and et voila, your very own computer generated piece of abstract art. See the (haunting) results for yourself below.

What Does Dall-E Mean For The Future Of Art?

The Dall-E image generator isn't a sign that machines are picking up paint brushes, however there is a school of thought that argues that AI may potentially overtake artists.
While we're not suggesting these relatively abstract AI generated images will be the new frontier of the art world, there is a high likelihood that AI will become more commonplace in the artworld.
In 2019, the world's first ever artistic robot was created.
Ai-Da, is a humanoid robot with the capacity to make sculptures, drawings and painting thanks to a combination of artificial intelligence, a bionic hand and cameras in lieu of eyes. While many struggling artisans have to wait decades before showcasing their art in a solo exhibition, it's something that Ai-Da achieved within two years of her "existence".
In fact, the world's first ever AI portrait sold at auction in 2018 for $432,500.
So while the process of creating text-to-image based artwork may be a passtime for some, there is a likelihood that we will be seeing those nine squares popping up in galleries in no time.
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