Chrishell Stause And G Flip Have Just Made Their Red Carpet Debut And It's Better Than We Imagined

Dreams really do come true.

By Ava Gilchrist
If there's one thing we love as much (if not more) than the enviable luxury Los Angeles real estate on cult reality series Selling Sunset, it's the turbulent love lives of our favourite realtors and mortgage brokers.
One of the biggest surprises of 2021 was the jaw-dropping relationship between newcomer Chrishell Stause and her boss-turned-boyfriend Jason Oppenheim.
While the fairy-tale romance wasn't meant to be—though they'll always be king and queen of the strip in our eyes—it seems that the realtor has healed her broken heart in the arms of another. A famous Australian musician, we may add.
The artist in question? The one and only G Flip.
While Chrishell has only been on the single's market for a few months, she seems to be incredibly happy with G Flip. During the reunion special for season five of Selling Sunset, the reality-star finally gave official confirmation that she and the Aussie singer were in fact, an item.
Below, a breakdown of Chrishell and G Flip's relationship to date.
Source: @chrishell.stause

February 2022: Instagram flirting

In February 2022, Chrishell began liking several of G Flip's Instagram posts, which eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot. While it seemed like an unlikely connection, at this point things were still very innocent, so we couldn't be too quick to assume that anything more was going on.

March 2022: Public sightings

Chrishell and G Flip were spotted hanging out together at a concert in Los Angeles and while at first thought you may just think this is two unlikely stars attending the same concert, one quick scroll through their respective Instagram accounts will prove otherwise.
Hidden deep in a photo dump on Chrishell's account, the celebrity realtor shared a selfie of herself of G Flip and the comments are a little thirsty to say the least.
G Flip commented "❤️‍🔥" on the post, with Chrishell returning the favour by commenting "🥰👏🔥😎" on her most recent post. One another post, Chrishell commented "How do you make us emotional and horny at the same time?? Your power 🤯😉👏❤️‍🔥" and we can't tell if this is friendly banter or unashamedly public flirting.
Then, to add further fuel to the fire, Chrishell and G Flip attended the Bridgerton Season 2 premiere together later that month.
Come March 27th, they were spotted out again while at an Oscars afterparty.
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may 2022: official confirmation

While appearing on the Selling Sunset season five reunion special, Chrishell finally confirmed the news we've all been long suspecting — she and G Flip are in fact a romantic item.
"I recently have been spending a lot of time with someone that's very important to me. Their name is G Flip. They're non-binary, so they go by they/them," Stause said. "And they are an extremely talented musician," she told host Tan France, when asked if she was seeing anyone special.
"It started because I was just going to be in their video. And it's about this chaotic love story. Not everyone's going to be ready for it, but I think it's great."
"I think I was probably as surprised as anyone. Nothing's really changed for me, I'm still very attracted to masculine energy and a good human," the reality star added. "I heard people talk about these things and they're like, 'I knew from a young age.' That's not me. I'm just, I'm very open to good energy. I don't know what my future holds. … I know being in this position, we get judged constantly, but at the end of the day, I'm so happy."

November 2022: A Red Carpet Debut

Things must be getting serious between the pair because in November, G Flip and Chrishell took the next A-lister approved step in their relationship by making their red carpet debut. Appearing at the 2022 Aria Awards together, the duo are clearly going from strength to strength. Walking arm and arm down the red carpet, we can't help but think 'us and who?'. We love this for them.
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