14 Celebrity Love Triangles From The '90s Through To Now

From the famous to the forgotten.

By Sukriti Wahi
There's no denying it: our feelings of nostalgia are at an all-time high.
Whether it's rewatching our favourite 2000s TV shows, or reminiscing on the '90s beauty products we used to covet, there's something about looking to the past that's oddly comforting right now (FYI, it's probably the reason your ex keeps calling you in isolation).
Speaking of exes, one way in which we've been busting our boredom in quarantine is by throwing it back and remembering celebrity couples of years gone by (a niche hobby, but real nonetheless). And in the spirit of maintaining said hobby, we thought we'd continue our stroll down memory lane to round up some of the biggest Hollywood love triangles in recent history for your enjoyment (you're welcome).
From the ultra famous to the often-forgotten, keep scrolling for 14 of the biggest celebrity love triangles from the '90s until now.