The Most Beautiful (And Biggest) Celebrity Engagement Rings Ever

Get the shades out.

When it comes to engagement rings, arguably the most precious item of jewellery in someone's life, it's all about keeping things personal. Some prefer vintage pieces, some favour a more trend-based pick, while others may roll the dice and let the stars decide.
But choices in metal, diamonds, stones, cuts and settings aside—for celebrities, there is a common denominator: they like 'em big.
From staggering 30-carats-and-up sparklers from the Old Hollywood set in Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly, to a rare oval-shaped pink diamond coveted by every Pinterest page in history for Blake Lively, size is definitely a factor.
Of course, not all big diamond rings are created equal—a scale-tipping rock is no guarantee of a beautiful ring, and vice versa.
But since we know everyone likes to perve on a big, shiny ring, we've rounded up a collection of rings that tick all the boxes: big, beautiful and bold.