Golden Couple (And Good Friends) Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Have A Red Carpet Reunion

Deep breaths, everyone.

By Jonah Waterhouse
It's a verifiable fact that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were one of the most iconic celebrity couples of the last few decades—or maybe, of all time.
The two actors wed in 2000 before divorcing five years later, but are said to have been on good terms in the years following the split. Of course, we've barely seen any photos of them together ever since, but an accidental reunion just happened at the SAG Awards in January 2020, and be still our beating hearts.
Pitt, who picked up a gong for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Aniston, who won for Apple TV+'s The Morning Show, were photographed passing by one another on the red carpet, both clutching their awards. Photographic evidence below:
Aniston and Pitt at the 2020 SAG Awards. Getty
The moment, like many iconic celebrity encounters, appeared to be a fleeting one, with the The Morning Show star farewelling her ex-husband after what appeared to be a brief chat. (Anyone with a microphone recording of what they talked about, we're right here.)
Yes, that is a hand touch. GETTY
In the years since their split, Aniston married actor Justin Theroux, while Pitt famously wed actress Angelina Jolie. However, as of 2020, the two stars are both single, so we've no doubt the Hollywood rumour mill will be in overdrive regarding their fateful interaction.
Though they're said to be friends—and are thought to have even partied with one another on a handful of occasions—a source close to both parties told People in 2018 that a romantic reunion is unlikely to be on the cards.
"They aren't in regular contact, beyond an occasional text back and forth to wish each other the best when there's been a new project or big event," the source said.
Even though this moment was fleeting, the reactions to their reunion indicate that many hope Aniston and Pitt will at least remain close friends—and can perhaps reminisce about their legendary, incredibly 2000s fashion. We'll never forget.
Aniston and Pitt in 1999. GETTY
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