The 'Skinfluencers' You Should Be Following If You’d Rather Jade Roll Than Contour

Glow goals.

By Samantha McMeekin
The beauty influencer was born through layers of full coverage foundation, cut creases and contouring.
But there's a new wave in town and they'd much rather slather their faces in hyaluronic acid than highlighter. Introducing: The skinfluencer.
Less concerned with covering up and more about working with what you've got, this modern breed of beauty obsessives bare all on the 'gram to educate and inspire on all things skin.
From what certain ingredients do, to talking candidly about acne problems and solutions, eye creams and lymphatic drainage, they're tackling all your complexion questions, and all in a satisfying aesthetic (of course).
Welcome to the wonderful world of #skinstagram...


Who: Shani Darden
Why should I care: Esthetician to the stars, optimal skin health is Shani's specialty. She can prescribe a solution to any skin problem and sniff out a good serum from a mile away. Shay Mitchell credits her for her glowing skin, and soon you will too.


Who: Elle McNamara
Why should I care: If you prefer to work your magic with oils, fake tan and 'micro-concealing' rather than slap on a full face, Elle is going to be your cup tea.


Who: Emma Horareu
Why should I care: Glowing skin is just the start of Emma's resumé, having worked as a beauty editor while launching her own blog, Lolita Says So. Rather one to educate than recommend wrongly, you can tune into her 'Sunday School' series each week to learn about tricky topics like your skin's pH and what on earth a mircobiome is.


Who: Felicia Walker
Why should I care: The K-Beauty 10-step routine doesn't even come close to some of Felicia's extensive step-by-steps. And as someone who once suffered adult acne only to come out the other side with skin like glass, you're going to want to soak up all of her tips.


Who: Caroline Hirons
Why should I care: If you want to know what's good, but also what's a load of BS, Caroline's a straight-shooting reviewer. She covers the good, the bad and the burning. Refreshing.


Who: Robin James
Why should I care: Man's got style, a British accent, and skin so damn smooth, you just want to know what he's using.


Who: Yana Sheptovetskaya
Why should I care: If you're here for the products not the person, you'll find solace in Gel Cream's face-free feed. Nothing but dreamy, detailed product reviews and packaging shot in perfected lighting.