Count Your Coins, These Are The 10 Highest Earning Beauty Influencers In 2022

From pampering to profit.

By Diandra Malivindi
There's no denying that the beauty industry is extremely lucrative. In 2022, endless faces and brands have turned their work with the beauty industry from a side hustle into their sole income, and they're making bank.
While A-list celebrities like Ariana Grande and Hailey Bieber's beauty brands earn them a pretty penny, there's a lot to say for influencers, who built their careers in the industry from the ground up. Spending countless hours testing product, creating makeup transformations, plus filming and editing footage, there's no doubt that influencers put in hard work—but only a handful of them earn copious amounts of money for their efforts.
Courtesy of Cosmetify, they carried out their study once again to reveal the highest earning beauty influencers for the year.
For 2022, their results have garnered an interesting list of talented social media stars, and accumulated their results by looking at each influencer's Instagram, YouTube and TikTok accounts. While, sure, there are certainly some familiar faces in the line-up, the rise of Gen Z and their subsequent TikTok fame have seen figures like James Charles make their way up the ranks.
Of this year's top 10, YouTube star Nikkie Tutorials—who currently boasts 13.9 million YouTube subscribers—also scored a top position on the list, among a number of other famous faces.
To find out who nabbed the other eight spots, scroll down to see the 10 highest-paid beauty influencers on Instagram for 2022, according to Cosmetify.
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