Period Subscription Boxes Are A Thing You Need In Your Cramp-Filled Life

Why not make that time of the month a little easier?

By Katie Stow
When it comes to our periods, we feel like we spend the whole month praying for them to come as proof that we are not pregnant, but then the second they arrive we wish they were over.
There's not much to love about periods - they bring on cramps, they make us eat a truckload of (very necessary) chocolate, and they require far too much admin and organisation for our frazzled minds.
That's why we've turned our brains (and wombs) towards period subscription boxes. They are a monthly delivery of all the goodies you need to make it through your week of bleed and sometimes a few sneaky extra treats to help you during this painfully annoying time.
Here, we've rounded up the best period subscription boxes, because Mother Nature's monthly present should be just that - a damn good present for you to open up each and every month.