8 Of The Best Hemp Seed Oil Skincare Products To Mellow Out You *And* Your Complexion

Take it easy.

By Diandra Malivindi
When one thinks of hemp oil, it's easy to assume that it has the capability to mellow you from the inside out. But despite its controversial background, not many people realise that it's one of the best skincare ingredients out there.
Unlike cannabidiol or CBD, hemp seed oil—specifically cold-pressed—is completely different, since it's not extracted from the cannabis plant itself. Instead, hemp seed oil is extracted from the literal hemp seed, which doesn't have any THC, which is the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis.
Lead image via @ninapark.
According to the Australian Government's Department of Agriculture, hemp seed oil is legal, as long as it's from low THC Cannabis sativa and is only used in the form of: seeds, seed powder or flour and oil.
What you might not know is that hemp seed oil has already been integrated into a stream of beauty products to treat a bevy of skincare concerns, all of which we battle on a daily basis. As the new darling of the beauty world, everyone is talking adding hemp seed oil to their skincare regime. But why? Well, now that we know its capabilities, we're wondering what took us so long to jump on the bandwagon too.

What is hemp seed oil and what does it do?

So, what is hemp seed oil? It's an essential oil that won't block your pores or cause any break outs, in fact, it's largely used in the skincare world already. According to Cannabella, hemp seed oil contains a unique blend of essential fatty acids, vitamins and proteins to benefit both skin and hair. Unlike synthetic skincare products, hemp seed oil's natural properties help mimic our skin, retaining moisture and keep our complexions at ease.
Not only that, hemp seed oil is a humectant, which draws moisture into the skin. Rich in omega acids 3, 6 and 9, these components also mean that hemp seed oil can help repair a damaged skin barrier and form a seal over the skin to keep moisture inside, as well as lower any inflammation in the skin.
The ingredient also works to diminish the appearance of acne scarring and reducing any redness on the skin, and for those fighting the signs of ageing, it also works to lock moisture into dry and dull fine lines.
Given it's formula of mostly omega fatty acids and little-to-no cannabinoids, you can breath easy because you won't be getting high from hemp seed oil. With that in mind, we've rounded up the best hemp seed oil skincare products on the Australian market below.
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