8 Products We Turn To When The Winter Chill Starts Wreaking Havoc On Our Skin

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

By Maddison Hockey
During the winter months your skin can drastically change.
The dry air and wind often sucks all of the moisture out of your face, leaving you with a flaky, cracked and red complexion.
So, if you're normal go-to products aren't working well with the drop in temperature, we've got you covered.
A few key skincare swaps can make a world of difference starting with changing up your face wash for a cleansing oil, opting for a richer moisturiser, face oils and even a sleeping mask.
Take the edge off those dreaded colder months by adding these winter skincare and makeup products into your beauty regimen —they'll fix you up with a flawless face fast.
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