8 Night Creams That'll Replenish & Refresh Skin While You Rest

Leave the pillow with pillow-soft skin.

By Delaney Loane
Allow us to pose a (rhetorical) question: would you ever sleep in your jeans? No, right? Because while they're fit for facing the world, they're not exactly what you want to settle down and enjoy your eight hours in.
Well, the same rule applies to moisturiser; what's perfect for the day isn't necessarily right for the night. Just like denim and satin sleepwear offer different things for your body, day creams and night creams provide unique benefits for your skin. And yes, the night cream is definitely the silky pajama set in this equation.
Think of it this way: day creams have to focus on real-world aspects such as sun protection, priming the skin for makeup and being practical enough to be worn out in public, whereas topicals tailored to the night can be as velvety, rich and decadent as they damn well please, hence offering a whole different level of care.
So if you've come in search of some creamy night clothes for your complexion, here are the best overnight hydrators in the game…

The best night creams to shop