Calming Face Mists To Spray When Stress Starts To Show On Your Skin

Spritz, don't shvitz.

By Delaney Loane
Mists are clever little multi-taskers, that's for sure. Not only do they offer a welcome moment of zen, washing your face in a veil of cooling, calming moisture, but they also boast a bevy of other benefits bound to help your skin through this stressful time.
Despite often being dismissed as extremely expensive scented water (they're not; though TBH the refreshing feeling makes every restock worthwhile), mists are designed to deliver micro-size droplets of hydrating ingredients like aloe leaf and hyaluronic acid to your skin, so they're a great way to top up on much-needed moisture throughout the day without disrupting the skincare or makeup you're already wearing.

What are the keys to finding a great face mist?

There are two major factors to consider in the journey to spritz success: the ingredients in the formula and the bottle's spray strength.
Ingredient wise, anything hydrating, soothing or brightening will do the trick: think along the lines of rosewater, glycerin, watermelon, cucumber, green tea and vitamin C.
Now onto spritz factor—which we can't stress enough, is really important. Because while we're usually open to getting as much chamomile extract into our complexions as possible, 'just had a bottle of it tipped over our heads' isn't the aesthetic we're after.
The key word that some brands seem to be overlooking? Mist. You want a spray that evenly cloaks your face in moisture, not one that leaves visible droplets on some parts of your face while leaving other areas of skin completely bare.
Don't worry about trying to decode descriptions though; we've rounded up a bunch that nail the 'cloud of hydration' brief.

The best face mists to shop

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