13 Of The Best, Most Replay-Worthy TikTok Beauty Gurus To Add To Your ‘For Me’ Page

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By Diandra Malivindi
By now, there's no denying that our TikTok is too in tune with our likes and dislikes. Honestly, sometimes it feels like our account is listening to our every thought and spitting out an algorithm to match.
So, why not make your technology sync up with what you're actually wanting to see?
In the era of heatless hairstyles and using blush as concealer, there's no shortage of beauty tips and tricks available on TikTok. If you've even whispered the word 'mascara', you'll likely stumble across pages of the platform's gurus testing out a viral wand or formula that guarantees sky high lashes.
From masterful makeup application to dermatologists debunking viral skincare myths, there's a way to make your FYP a juicy collection of beauty-riddled entertainment.
How? Well, by engaging with creators far and wide who specialise in different areas of the beauty sphere, that way, your algorithm knows that makeup, skincare and everything in between is up your alley.
So, we've done the hard work for you. Below, we've rounded up some of the best, most replay-worthy TikTok beauty gurus on the app right now.
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